So LA (like NYC it seems), is starting to push more 4G out. I actually got a weak signal at my house, and from the window got a 7Mb connection... I live in the Valley BTW. I had to leave for a week on business, and while at LAX, I was getting a nice strong 4G signal. I started doing using the it a lot while waiting at the gate (updating my podcasts, getting apps, etc...) and after about 40 mins, my battery had gotten pretty drained, and the back of my hand was pretty warm. I was not surprised to be honest. I know that 4G, and wimax is fairly new technology and hardware will need to catch up so that it can achieve a high level, high bandwidth, long distance connection using less power. I will use it when needed, and if I have to use it for long, plugin. To be honest for, 90% of what I do can do it with 3G.

Anyway... does anyone know if Sprint has "officially" rolled out 4G to NYC and LA? Because it seems to be coming in strong a lot more around town.