Installed free Fring App. How contact email address...more questions.

1. I think that I now understand the incompatibility issue with Skype.
Fring once was able to communicate with people that were running Skype;
Fring can no longer communicate with people that are running Skype. is this correct ?

2. With Fring, how can I call a laptop, if Fring does not show the email addresses from my phone book? Fring shows the mobile, home, and work categories, but does not show the email address.

3. The Fring test call incoming speech overloads the speaker on my phone, causing it to vibrate/fuzz out. I removed the battery cover to determine if the cover was vibrating. Same speaker overload result. When I adjust the volume to stop the incoming speech from Fring, then I am barely able to hear the playback of my voice. How can this incoming overload from Fring be remedied ?