An HTC Hero can be unlocked with an unlock code. Since the HTC Hero is a gsm phone we know that it may likely come with a SIM lock that will prevent the HTC Hero from working with foreign or unaccepted SIM cards. Therefore in order to unlock your cell phone and get service with someone else, you will need to remove this SIM lock. You should first try to get a free unlock code for your HTC Hero by calling up your current carrier’s support number. Ask for a unlock code. In exchange they will need your HTC Hero’s IMEI number which can be retrieved simply by typing *#06# and hitting enter or send. If they will not give you a free unlocking code, then I would recommend trying one of the unlock services I have posted below.If you have your HTC Hero’s unlock code, you can now follow the free steps and instructions below to unlock your cell phone:[p]How To Unlock HTC Hero1. Turn on your phone with a non accepted Sim Card[/br]2. It will bring up the Unlock Menu, enter the Unlock Code 3. It will accept the Code, and now your phones fully Unlocked!!Now your phone can be used on every GSM network in the world.If you want to write a review on the new HTC Hero, please feel free to leave a comment or question below.HTC Hero Unlock CodeTrying to get a free Unlock code from your provider may not always work. Alternatively, we often recommend for the genuine unlock code for your HTC Hero