I've had some issues with my HTC Inspire. I'm on my 3rd phone in 6 months. All have started eventually doing the same thing. It starts out by them losing pics that I've taken and to get them back, I have to pull the battery out and turn it back on. Then the pics are back. It then from there moves to the text messages. I don't get my text messages. Then it moves to locking up completely. It's VERY annoying. I thought I had narrowed it down to a security program I was running, but the third one has now started doing all of this and I don't have a security program on it. My latest "FAIL" with this phone is the headphone jack. If you plug a set of headphones into it, it starts playing the "iheartradio" app, the google music app, the pandora app and the phone music app all at the same time and it's almost impossible to make it stop unless you pull the battery. I can't take this anymore. I had an iphone prior to this that I didn't like because of its "jamming up" issue. This phone though is WAY worse for issues then my iphone was!!!!!!!!! The other issue that I have is the radio jack isn't loud enough when I try to play pandora through an amplified speaker.... Any help is great....otherwise the local lake GOD is going to get a phone pretty quick!!!