The following is the fix that took me two days to unravel while trying to sync my laptop Outlook files with my Android phone. It was previously working under Gingerbread, but broke upon updating to Ice Cream Sandwich. I am using:

Office 2007 on an HP EliteBook 8440w running under 64 bit Windows 7 Professional
Android 4.0 on an HTC Sensation 4G phone

HTC Sync scrambled my contacts, so I followed PC Magazine advice to purchase:

CompanionLink (which I upgraded to build 5032) on my laptop
DejaOffice (from Play Store) on my phone

I followed instructions from CompanionLink tech support, but couldn’t find “Contact Storage.” I then figured out that if I went to Settings, then Apps, then All, then Contacts, I could Clear Data from the HTC Contact application. My HTC Contact data and pictures were now gone, but the name entries remained for some reason. My DejaOffice Contacts were still intact, but I was part way there.

When I then went to Read Android Data in DejaOffice, it found 0 contacts, but still had all the calendar data. I luckily stumbled across my solution. While affirming Outlook settings within CompanionLink, I clicked the boxes to Wipe Contacts and Wipe Calendar on Android before sync. When I then did the sync, it emptied both databases, but the sync would prematurely stop without reading my 390 calendar entries and 1900 contacts, 50 at a time.

I thus tried shutting down and restarting my phone and it hung. I then reseated the battery and SIM card, tried again and it came back with all Contact names cleared. This time when I plugged in the USB cord, full synchronization began from scratch.