I've had my T-Mobile HTC One for not quite 2 months now and it has been excellent apart from an issue that began happening a couple of days ago. Using the charger that came with the device, it will suddenly stop charging - often after charging normally for a few minutes. I constantly get a message in the top left corner which, when dragged down, says 'Unable to charge device, please use the supported charger'. This happens even when it isn't plugged in.

It won't recognize my charger or computer when it is turned on, and will only charge (very slowly at that) when it is turned off, which is not always ideal. When the phone is left idle, it keeps 'waking up' to give the message, and I have noticed today that it has also gone slightly haywire on a number of occasions, opening random apps by itself, changing the formatting of the screen, etc. This has resulted in the battery draining more rapidly, which, when combined with an inability to charge, can quickly lead to an unusable phone.

It looks like I'm not the only who has experienced this issue. Is there a solution apart from having the phone replaced?