Who's excited about the HTC Vivid?

This is a discussion on Who's excited about the HTC Vivid? within the HTC Vivid forums, part of the HTC Android Phones category; It seems all the spotlights have been on Motorola and Samsung the best few weeks. Anyone excited about the new Vivid coming out?...

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Thread: Who's excited about the HTC Vivid?

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    Who's excited about the HTC Vivid?

    It seems all the spotlights have been on Motorola and Samsung the best few weeks. Anyone excited about the new Vivid coming out?

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    This is not meant to be a review of the HTC Vivid, just some observations by me.

    I picked up an HTC Vivid the other day from Amazon, and I gotta say I'm impressed with the phone - as well as the price. I paid 1 cent for the phone and got free 2 day delivery, and the phone actually arrived in a day and a half. Can't do much better than that!

    The build of the Vivid is quite nice, and it carries on HTC's style of making solid, well built phones which feel good in the palm of your hand. The obvious down side to that type of construction is weight, and the Vivid feels heavy in your hand. From a design standpoint, it reminds me of my very first smartphone, the original Droid 1 - it has that "industrial" look and feel, which is OK in my book.

    This phone *definitely* needs a case. Without a doubt, it is the most slippery phone I've handled, and this is my 7th smart phone - of varying brands. I ordered a Seidio case online, because I've had a lot of good luck with their cases in the past because handling this phone naked is like handling a wet bar of soap in the shower. I am not one to drop phones, but in the last 24 hrs, this phone has slipped out of my hands *three times* and fallen maybe 18 inches to a carpeted floor (no damage what so ever), so I'm very paranoid about getting the case on it.

    The first thing I did, after charging the battery, was to download and install the OTA upgrade to Android 4.0 - ICS - figuring why spend any time at all on Gingerbread, when Ice Cream Sandwich was there for the taking. I have a home wi-fi setup and the entire process took maybe 10-15 minutes, start to finish, leaving me with Android v4.0.3 and Sense v3.6 to start using my phone. I'm happy!

    The version of ICS on this phone looks very different than the one you see on the Galaxy Nexus because the Nexus is pure vanilla ICS and this version has HTC Sense sitting on top of it. Not bad, but it takes some getting used to - which is actually most of the fun in installing a new rom, say, on a rooted phone. The thrill of discovery and all...

    Takes pretty nice pictures too, although I'm not a skilled photographer or really qualified to talk about camera operations. But *I* like the way they look and the way the camera operates.

    Sound quality is what I'd come to expect from HTC - the sound level is just not as loud as I'd like it to be, but I can live with it because of the upside to the phone: It's an LTE phone (although Cleveland's LTE network isn't running just yet) that also runs HSPA +, it's got dual core processors and a slot for an SD Card (I added a 16 GB card), and the price was right.

    That's it for now - I'll post more when I've played with it more, but initial impressions are VERY positive.
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