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    Just got an LG Ally yesterday, and so far am impressed with the amount of free good apps you can get form the market place a vast improvement over Blackberry's market place.

    Few questions that I am becoming remorseful about.

    #1 Email notifications: It seems if I "back" out of my "email" then i don't get notifications, I have it set to check email every 5 min and notifications on but i am still getting no notifications. (any 3rd party email apps that are more like how BB's worked?) and WHY must I have a Gmail account... never use it.

    #2 Facebook sucks: Is it just me or out of the big three (Blackberry, Iphone, Android) does Android have the worst Facebook app. I don't get ANY notifications, Ive resorted to using the mobile site and just book marking that.

    #3 Battery life: My blackberry's could last 2 days of Medium use with out having to charge. the Ally seems to die after 8 hours of light use... Had a task killer.. didn't help so dropped it.

    If anyone has gone form a Blackberry to an Android please tell me what you did to get used to the new way things go.

    OH thought of one more, is there a way to get my Backup Assistant contacts to stay on my phone so that I can turn the Sync off. every time i turn the Backup assistant Sync off i lose all my contacts.


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    Not sure why you aren't getting your notifications. Sounds like you set up sync properly and have the refresh interval pretty short so it should be seeing new emails.

    Yeah the Facebook app for Android usually gets bad reviews. It does what I need it to so I still use it.

    Short battery life on a new Ally is normal. Cycle the battery. Let it die, charge it fully, repeat. Eventually you will get much more out of the battery. I get two days out of moderate usage.
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    I thought the same exact things. I had a Blackberry before my Ally. I really do like the Ally much better, but the Blackberry definitely syncs better, hands down. I surprisingly haven't heard more people complaining about this. I used to randomly get email notifications from my gmail and non-gmail accounts. I recently performed a factory reset and now I seem to be getting notifications right when I get a new email. As far as Facebook goes though, I still haven't figured out why I don't get those notifications. I miss automatically getting my notifications from my Blackberry. I also just use the mobile touch website.

    I've had my phone since the end of June sometime and my battery still kinda sucks. It started to improve a little bit, beign able to go a whole day without having to recharge (which I guess is normal), but it's started to suck again recently and I can't figure out why.

    And I'm assuming the whole gmail thing since Android is a Google product.

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    Hrm. I went from a Blackberry Curve to the Ally and I felt like I went from a chalk board to a computer.

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