Long time Droid user turned Ally lover.

I haven't been able to keep my eyes of the Ally from the moment it was announced. I was timid about its specs but once it got rooted and overclocked I knew it was time to pick one up.

Man I love this little phone. I bought it off craigs list from a local guy. Worked well for a while till I started having issues with the proximity sensor. The phone would not wake up after a phone call. Spoke with the guy i bought it from he never had the issue. I figured it was software related due to rooting it and installing a rom. Got it back to stock. No dice. So I took the little sucker apart and cleaned the area around the sensor. Put it back together and it worked. YAY. no dice. Couple of hours later it started doing it again. So I took it back apart and took a xacto knife to the proximity sensor. [I have a droid to fall back on. Nothing to lose.] Put it back together and it seems I may have broken the proximity sensor. But thats ok I can lock the screen during a call. So I broke it in a good way.

Any who. Thats my story. Ill post random tidbits from time to time.