Hi all, I just got an ally and it is my first smart phone which so far I'm loving but I have a question that hopefully some one can answer for me. When I send a message to my girlfriend, who has a black berry with sprint, a little icon that looks like an envelope with a timer comes up and stays there. When you hold your finger on the icon it shows the message details and it says status pending.

For the first 2 days I had the phone she couldnt receive any of my messages until I went back to the vzw store and had them look at it. Neither of the 2 guys working there had ever seen this before but after doing a battery pull they were able to get my messages to go through but the icons are still there. If I send a message to anyone with verizon service an envelope with a blue arrow shows up and the message says status recieved when I look at the message details.

She is receiving my txts as of now, but I still want to know why the status says pending and what if anything the icons mean. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help. here are some pictures i took with my camera to try and better explain.