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Thread: Smartphone makes me feel dumb!!

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    I have looked all through the forum, for some help on setting a sound for text notification. I've even went to other sites from the forums, and I am just not getting it. I have several ringtones, that I'd like to use as my text sound notification. But, can't figure out how to set them. I went to this link http://www.lg-phones...ifications.html but don't understand it etiher. I guess maybe I'm not smart enough for a smartphone, because I feel so dumb. It was so easy on passed phones (normal flip) (Envy1 & 2), (Reality) but the Ally is so difficult.

    I am not sure how to make a file, or what this site means by enabling mass storage. Where would I enable that? When I hook the phone up to the PC it says the phone isn't found. Whole different issue. When I got this phone it was a certified preowned phone, and didn't like come with a book for how to work certain functions. I only got the book of hints, tricks, and tips. Which didn't explain nothing really. I did figure out how to change the sound of the text/sms sound notification, but it's the sounds already preinstalled on the phone. It doesn't let me choose ringtones that I have saved on the phone. I'm just not sure what I am not doing right. I've even got a few different apps, thinking maybe if I downloaded songs from there they would show up in the text sounds, but they don't.

    So, any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    Also, not a big deal, but I was wondering when sending out a fwd text to mutliple friends, is there a way you can select from your list of contacts? Or do you just have to type each one in? I kinda think that's a pain, but I'm getting used to it. Seems I do lots of forwarding stuff from family & friends. But, it would be so much simpler to be able to pick and choose from the contact list, like your able to do with other phones. I still gots to learn about the Ally. But, I'm slowly getting there. Any help would be wonderful though!!!



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    Did someone help you out with this? Smart Phones are a learning process. Dont feel dumb if you need help ask here were are pretty good at answering back! :-D

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    Not for ringtones we won't. There are enough threads that discuss this issue and the answers are there for anyone willing to take the time to search for them.
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    1. You already have ThinkFree Office on your phone. Use it to create folders onto your SD Card. When TFOffice is open hit Menu. Hit New. Hit Folder. Name the folder "Media." Inside the Media folder, create folders called "Ringtones" and "Notifications."

    ** Personally, I put these folders in a folder called "Media." It makes my stuff easier to find. It works the same way if you just add "Ringtones" and "Notifications" folders.

    2. Move those music files to whichever folder you want. Or Copy the music to both if you want the music to be in both menus. Those music files will now show in the appropriate menus for either option.

    Here is more info on folders your Ally will recognize. File Structure Post.

    Now, the hard part. Your music is in folders on the SD Card. You can use ThinkFree Office to find them. When you find them, long-touch the file to open the edit menu (Move, Copy, etc.).

    I also recommend the App called "Ringdroid." It will allow you to edit your music files or create original ringtones/notifications.

    You might benefit from a third party text messaging App. Search Handcent or Chomp or Text Messaging here in the forums. They allow use of "groups" from what I have read.

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