Last phone was a Motorola Razr-type phone. This is my intro to 3G. Luckily, the first time someone called me my son was there to help me figure out how to answer. LOL

I've had it about a month. So far the apps I've liked are:

Being able to read my Yahoo & Google mail accts. Though the contact sync is kind of crappy.

Nav & maps, including one called Places and Rain Alarm.

And, of course, being able to do things on the Internet semi-easily. I had Internet on my previous Motorola but with the small screen and no keyboard it pretty much sucked.

I've also downloaded a Notepad, Tip Calculator, Flashlight, Compass, Norton Security, Where's My Droid, and even an Army Survival Manual that I'm sure I'll never use.

I'm vacationing in HI in a couple months and it'll be nice having Nav, looking up places of interest such as restaurants, local weather, access to email, etc.

Really, the biggest PITA is turning it on and off!

I'm going to enjoy reading about tip & tricks plus any apps I must have.

Good to meet you all.