Especially with the Froyo update, these boards have been very busy with information popping in all the time. I write to remind y'all that a bunch of little topics are not going to be as helpful as one stream of information about a particular subject. Please try to poke around before starting what usually happens to be a very popular subject. Please try the search function. You can also try the "New Content" button to check if the latest posts are relevant to the info you seek.

If you find your subject not covered AND not relevant to the topic, then make a new topic but remember, try topic titles that mention the subject matter. "Problems with Ally" is not enough. Can't you see why?

Finally, please be patient if your answer does not come as soon as you would like (especially if your answer is already here in the boards and can be found with a search ). This is a friendly space where everyone is volunteering information. Most will even take time to add links and references, or go through their phones and practice to give the right info. That said, remember the more info you can give when posting a problem, the better. Try to go through each step again and type as you go. If you put the phone down it will still be where you left off.

In other words, let's continue to be helpful to one another by contributing a little effort.

NOTE: This is a just a friendly reminder. This is not directed at anyone in particular. This is directed to everyone.