I have been a long time T-mobile user but I have decided to switch to Sprint for 2 reasons....First, I am paying $94 per month for my Moto Cliq and unlimited everything and that is just waaay too much....The 2nd reason is that I'm tired of T-Mobile only delivering mid-range Android phones....I read T-Mobile blogs and trust me that there are a ton of pissed off people waiting for a proper superphone on T-Mobile including myself.....I have decided to make the switch to Sprint mainly to save cash during this economical disaster and by getting on my sisters family plan it will cost me just $30 per month for an Epic 4G (confirmed by Sprint customer service)...So saving $65 per month is pretty awesome!....My Moto Cliq has been a good experience for my first android phone but MotoBlur has left me longing for a better user interface so I'm hoping Samsungs Touchwiz on the Epic 4G will be an improvement....Since I have a Moto Cliq and I plan on getting the Epic 4G on day one, you can probably figure out that I love hardware keyboards....This is a main selling point for me when it comes to buying a new smartphone and the Epic 4G qwerty looks amazing!.....Is anyone else planning to buy an Epic 4G?.....I would also love to hear from you guys about any of the special features Sprint offers on their existing Android phones in preperation for my Epic monster phone!