I'm kinda like dramamaven, except that I have these two teenaged boys who think that I'm their grandmother ; ) Didn't even own a cel until about four years ago, used my sweetie's once in a while then got one of those little pink Samsungs - "Oh, Mom, that is sooo CUTE! And look, it's metallic PINK!" i.e. "We have to be nice, it's her first cel phone." I was hooked. Moved up to a BlackBerry (which I'd probably still have if they hadn't changed the OS), then to the Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G - which I find is both frustrating and amazing at the same time. But, then, I've only had it for a month, and I 'm sure I'll fall in love with it after hanging out in the forums. Just two more things - 1. Geaux Saints, and 2. I'm from New Orleans.