Hi everyone. I am so glad there is a Backflip forum. My wife and I were due for an upgrade and we got our Backflips for free. We have a Familytalk 1400 plan. I had her upgraded to a Samsung Jack in January. and the phone was ok, but she ran out of RAM. I have been waiting for the Palm Pre. But when the Backflip came out I liked it enough and I could not resist the free upgrade. I am still not sure if I am going to keep either of these two phones. We like them a lot though. The deciding factor for my wifes phone will be once she gets it on her corporate exchange server. If it can properly send meeting requests in the calendar. Then she will keep it. For me. It depends if Palm can get the Pre rolled out soon enough and manage to stay afloat as a company to support it.

I have installed Google Voice Search and MunduIM to our phones using the ADK method that I leaened on this website.