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This is a discussion on Iphone convert - newbie within the Introductions & Site Assistance forums, part of the Android Discussions category; Hello all, Im mike/Meziked, getting ready to receive shipment of my new backflip tomorow. Pretty stoked to get away from Steves idea of open source. ...

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Thread: Iphone convert - newbie

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    Iphone convert - newbie

    Hello all,
    Im mike/Meziked, getting ready to receive shipment of my new backflip tomorow. Pretty stoked to get away from Steves idea of open source. Figured the backflip was worth a shot since at&t is pretty much the only game in town. After reading alot on this site it looks like moto/att have decided to lock the backflip down as well. Thats pretty disapointing but the OS still looks prommising... and im sure with the right tools we can get full blown 1.5 or 2.1... Anyways, little about me.
    Im an IT guy with about 10,000 EU's scattered across the nation, Im an avid open source fan and usually dont follow the norm when it comes to what I have loaded on my box or how I go about things. Always interested in other people projects and have too many to list of my own.
    Glad to have found a forum right off the bat for this device... =)
    Prev. I was a tech manager for at&t wireless and am pretty versed in the way they operate and what they provide as far as settings and things. Hopefully that can be of some use to someone.

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    Welcome to the foums.. glad to have you aboard. The phone is really great with so much potential. Hopefully we get the root we deserve soon

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    The phone isn't really all that locked down when you actually start playing with it. They did remove the option to install apps from untrusted sources, but that can be worked around by using the ADB method to install apps.

    There are some ATT apps which cannot be uninstalled, but that's the same with pretty much every ATT phone they've ever sold.

    The one thing that does bother alot of people is that they removed Google Search in favor of Yahoo Search, but that too can be worked around to different degrees by installing other apps, such as Open Search.

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    I agree with jmgib, the phone isn't ALL that locked down. There's an easy work around for everything. I really love the phone, the only thing I wished it had was a processor more like the Droid. But the features and keyboard make it 10x better than the Droid hands down.

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