Hello. I will be a new backflip owner in a few days. I have purchased one from a friend and want to give android a try. I just killed my 3GS (salt water and iphone don't mix FYI) and thought this was as good a time as any.

I Had the 2g iphone, 3g, and 3gs and I know the new phone is being introduced Monday but I Have been feeling for a while that I was missing out on Android. I wish AT&T had more android choices, but alas they do not at this time.

Anywho, any good tips about what I Should do when I received my backflip? I do already live in google mail and calendar and I have a google voice number and use it to direct calls to all of my phones when needed but I really feel that since the service is crippled on the iphone I am missing out and I hope the backflip helps to change that.