Hi I've had my Motorola Backflip a total of 6 days. My step-dad bought it for me, and they (my 'rents,) got upgrades to Samsung Strives that same day. They both like my phone better, but admit they wouldn't know where to begin to use it the right way. Glad I found this forum, since, though I've been watching since Motorola first announced in a Facebook Ad they were coming out with three new phones for each of the three big carriers (Sprint, Verizon & AT&T.) I was thrilled when they finally announced the Backflip was to be for my carrier. Was a bit concerned that after the cool ones they brought out for the other two, AT&T would get the scrapings at the bottom of the barrel on innovation and design. Boy, I'm glad I was wrong on that! The Motorola Backflip is an amazing mini-computer that's just amazing!

Ok, enough intro to me and my feelings on it. Truth is, I've been worried that I just bought (well, my step-dad,) just bought me a smart phone that's just going to make me feel stupid:P And, it does, on occasion. But every day I pick it up off my nightstand, unplug it from the usb, watch the cool clock mode transfer to the latest happenings, I'm happy that I got this phone, and ready to learn something new about it. There's so much to learn though, it seems. Like for instance, it seem that no matter which of the three settings for saving the battery, I'm at half battery power within about one hour. That's with me either playing some little game app or browsing the latest messages or news articles. Basically, no matter what I do or don't do with this phone, it won't hold a charge longer than one hour (maybe 1 1/2 hours... time flies when you're having fun, and even though it's a pain not already knowing everything this phone has to offer and how to make the most of it, I'm really enjoying learning what all it can do.)

So, with that being my biggest whine about the Backflip, I say thanks for having me to your very lovely forum I'm SPDworks (Stacey Davis on Facebook, SPDworks on Twitter, and don't get me started on MySpace, please, :P ) and I greatly look forward to learning more from everyone here.

Oh, and thanks for reading my really really long introduction :motorola:+:backfliplay:=