Hello all, I'm a longtime user of the Palm OS products, but I've never been a fan of convergence devices - except the PDA I've been using for years is scarily old, and I am always up to the challenge of learning new technology.

My current phone is a Nokia flip, I think it's the 6126. My PDA is a Garmin iQue 3600, when it first came out I was thrilled to have a pocketable GPS system tied into my PDA. I've had years of fun and collected thousands of waypoints in it, unfortunately they can't easily be translated to another GPS, so I'll be starting out new again with the GPS in the Captivate (I've read of some issues). The iQue will live on as my primary GPS until I run out of them

The critical program (the deciding factor in going to the Android OS) is my scheduling program, Datebk6. I just will not do without the amazing capabilities CESD has put into that program. I heard he's got a Droid and is working on a replacement for Datebk6, Pimlical. Pimlical is already a stand-alone program for the desktop, soon it will be ready for use on the Android platform (or so I've heard).

If it doesn't happen, that's fine. I'll scrounge Ebay for a replacement for Betty (the iQue) and just keep using them for scheduling, and carry a separate phone, as I am doing now anyways.