HTC ARIA has eaten my iphone!!

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Thread: HTC ARIA has eaten my iphone!!

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    HTC ARIA has eaten my iphone!!

    Greetings fellow droids,

    Geeky reason I bought the phone:
    I like the robot voice ringtones that much!

    Other reasons:
    My daughters name is Aria! She nearly fainted when she saw the advert on TV, so naturally I had to buy it

    Over this thing --> :iphone:
    Not that I don't appreciate what it can do. Just feeling like I needed a change. And frankly the jump up from 3 to 4 is just too much money for me. kind of getting sick of how long it takes to do anything on it it seems. The Aria is also smaller and expandable to 32GB which is awesome. Anyway I wont bore you all common knowledge!

    Why I have landed and registered at this site is:
    Looking for basic knowledge of the OS and how I should be looking at it. Now that I can have more control over this sort of thing which I am welcome to and quite capable of handling.Hopefully by the end of this thread Ill be on my way to total phone freedom!

    some questions to start with:

    1. What is Rooting? Is it similar to jail breaking in theory?
    2. What software do i need to install to get rid of the preloaded apps?
    3. Any tips on migrating my contacts and all information in them over to the Aria from my iphone? numbers, addresses, email, contact photos
    4. Any tips on a good rss app?
    5. Can you copy and paste text on an Aria?
    6. What file format for video can be stored and played on the Aria?
      Can it play .mov?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hello and welcome to the forum!
    1.Rooting is often confused with jailbreaking but it is more like administrator in wondows.You get entire control of the OS.
    2.You need to be rooted to get rid of the preloaded apps.There are two ways a manual uninstall wich can be quite difficult if you are not familiar with linux and android or installing a cleaned rom wich can be easier
    3.If im not mistaking you can ask a sales associate at an ATT store to move your contacts.
    4.Sorry i dont use an RSS reader =(
    5.Yes you can.Usually by hitting the menu button and searching through the options there.
    6.I do believe MP4 is the only type of video natively supported.I could be wrong though.

    Hope this helps!
    HTC Aria-Rooted
    Motorola Backflip Bricked getting replacement =(

    HTC Touch Pro (Fuze)
    LG Incite-Returned.
    ATT Tilt Broken charger port.

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    Wow... sound like u have a good grip on what ur doing... I hope if you find some interesting stuff you will make sure to share. Its an android family thing lmao... hope u can make the lil pocket powerhouse what ur looking for
    HTC Aria... rooted
    Clockwork recovery
    CYANOGEN 7 Gingerbread
    Overclocked to 805 MHz

    Former phones...
    HTC G1... that I have since rooted and gave to brother.
    Motorola Backflip... many calls and replacements till they gave me the Aria
    IPhone 3g... enough said

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    Since my last transmission

    So I must say I don't know what the hell I was doing all this time with that stupid shackle device the world calls iphone! Sine my last visit to this site I have managed to get more control over my data usage through the use of some useful apps among other discoveries. And I haven't even looked at the manual yet!

    1. As to Rooting and if I will go through with it. To be honest I haven't seen the exact reason why I should do this right away so I will probably hold off on it.
    2.Currently the pre installed apps are not a bother (yet). I will also hold off on getting rid of them so quickly.
    3.Transferring my contacts was very easy.

    on my mac:

    using address book application I selected my phone book with all contacts and went up to file>export>vcard

    On google Gmail:

    Went into my contacts
    selected import
    chose aforementioned vcard

    On Aria:
    Synced accounts with my gmail and bob's your uncle!

    I should mention that I have had my phone since yesterday and have not used my 3G for data transfers ONCE! F*#$ Iphone and Apple for not giving users an option!! I love this the most about my new little Aria. The fact that I can use my companies WiFi connection while I sit here for 40 hours a week is very awesome!

    To that note:
    An app I downloaded to have further control over my usage (this being important as I have released my unlimited iphone data plan) was to install 3G watchdog.

    This app lets you input a data quota and monitor the usage. Warning you at 75% of usage and killing it at 99% 3G data quota for my phone.

    With that i also downloaded the APNdroid app which gave 3GWatchdog more control over killing the 3G at that 99% as mentioned previously.

    Another cool one I downloaded on my WiFI was Advanced App Killer. Lets me turn off applications running in the background. Again more control I would never have using that blasted iphone!

    Just recently downloaded Astro File Manger which gives me full control over what files are on my sim card.

    Also got App Protector Pro which I downloaded to lock my photos (sorry those pics and vids are for my eyes only!) Which to my surprise allows me to put programs in a list that are password protected. I wanted something to lock photos and I got more! Even better! I tried HideItPro which was a piece of crap. Not recommended.

    That's really all for now. Needless to say I love my new Aria! Loving the control over aspects of my phone, loving the new size of it in my pocket, what else more can I say. Great phone.

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