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    Angry Introduction

    Hello. My name is Bob, but there are so many Bob's out there that most of us eventually get assigned an additional name to help keep us identified. I'm known as CuzinBob.
    I had been using an old Erickson phone that came over on the mayflower. I finally decided to get into the new 200's and get a new phone. I decided to get one that had a good camera, web access, streaming, keyboard and touch screen. I had always heard that Motorola was a good communications company. After all, you see their logo on the coaches headset on the sidelines of a NFL game. If its good enough for NFL coaches, I figured good enough! I got the Motorola Flip Phone. I wish I had never heard of Motorola! Its been one problem after another. I figured I had a learning curve and it would work out for me soon. Not so. The thing is possessed. One night I got a text from my cousin asking me if things were all right. The phone called him 6 times and would hang up. I didn't dial him, the phone did. I can be talking to someone, and it hangs up. Guess it decides how long I get to talk? Sometimes it hangs up and calls someone else and will switch over to the new call. No warning! It won't answer when I get a call, 90 percent of the time no matter how many times I try to "slide to answer" I have to wait until the caller has to leave a message, then unlock the phone, then dial them back.
    The battery life is very short. I used to only have to charge the Erickson once a week. I have to charge this one every day. Sometimes more than once a day.
    People laugh at me when they find out I got the Motorola Backflip. I'm embarrassed to tell people that I have one. The screen goes to locked when I power off the screen, not power off the phone. I've tried to remove the passwords, but it won't accept it.
    camera works when it wants to, not when I want it to. Got several good pictures of inside of my shirt pocket! Its almost as good as not having a phone. I still have over a year and half until I'm eligible for another phone. You can bet it won't be anything with the name Motorola on it! Stupid Phone, Stupid Me for getting it.

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    Gee I am sorry you are having so much trouble. The way you talk about that phone makes me think that you should call the Discovery channel and get featured on one of those "haunting shows". Have you thought about going back to the store in case it is defective? Maybe that have a refurb of another model that they will allow you to exchange for. I have always found AT&T to have pretty good customer service.

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    Hey Cuz, welcome to the world of the Backflop. I had the phantom dialing problem myself and it turned out to be an AC charger. I bought an after-market AC charger and car charger because I'm on the road often. I plugged the after-market AC charger into the 'Flop and within minutes I watched it start to dial. I then used the original charger and didn't have the problem. I contacted the vendor of the after-market charger and they sent me a replacement. No problems with the replacement (so far). Not saying that this is the root of your problems.

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    Welcome aboard from Austin!

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