Just wanted to take the time to introduce myself to the membership and thank everyone here for their support and time. Dorian is awesome! I've been running his JS8 custom ROM on my Samsung Captivate (I-897 on AT&T), and his previous custom cooks as well.

I'm interested to see how quickly AT&T gets its LTE network up and running, but I'm curious just how much faster any of these new products are, as I've been seeing dismal HSPA+ speeds from those with the 3.5g devices thus far.

Android is an awesome platform, and I'm glad to have found this forum, as the feeling of community and level of support here is much less frantic and angry than at some other sites (no names now)

Anyway, not much more I can add here, other than that I enjoy disaster response and recovery (from the security, logistics and physical response side of the house) and I'm looking forward to what's coming for Android users in the future. Thanks.