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    Backflip Owner

    Hi guys,

    Just posting since you asked so nicely.

    I have a Motorola Backflip which I got way back when it was brand new and AT&T made some nice promises to me that it was the one I wanted instead of waiting a few months for the first Samsungs to come out. In all, I'm satisfied, but I'm really disappointed that the promise to keep it up to date (i.e. Droid 2.2) hasn't been kept and now they're telling me that I won't be able to get 4G (again, despite being told otherwise) plus I can't install non-market apps without going through several awkward steps because AT&T likes to play the blame game (claiming it's Motorola who's disabled the ability to install from "non-trusted" sources) and not open up the phone even for a long time business account member.

    So, now I'm eagerly awaiting my upgrade time next spring to get a real 4G LTE phone and hoping that maybe at some point AT&T will wake up and actually make their phones as open as they should be because in my many years of using them, I've found that despite claims by Sprint and others, AT&T does have the best coverage when it counts and I've been able to use their phones even in the immediate aftermath of major disasters (like Hurricane Ike) for my volunteer work with Civil Air Patrol when others on Nextel, Sprint, and Verizon were DOA for anything more than basic analog service.

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    Welcome to the forum, CAP. Sorry ATT filled your head with such garbage about the Backflip's capabilities. It was NEVER supposed to get any flavor of 4G. Some of us Atrix owners (not me, though ) are upset that it won't be able to use LTE, which switched on today in Atlanta! Glad to hear you'll be staying with ATT just have to make sure you know more than the sales guy

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    Actually, I wasn't talking to a "sales guy" per se in my discussions. I was talking to our corporate account manager who's job (supposedly) is to make sure we actually get what we want, not sell us what's gonna make them the most money since they're making that money off the corporate account.

    I've been looking at the current "4G" phones and am pretty sure I'm going to go with whatever version of the Galaxy is available when I upgrade due to the FM Radio capability, but I'm not 100% locked in. Unfortunately, my upgrade isn't until February, so unless I can convince AT&T to move up the date for a long time customer (unlikely), I'll probably have to wait until then to see what's really available then on the 4G LTE front.

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    Welcome to the forums. I know it doesn't address all of your concerns, but you may want to check out this. Motorola has published an app which will enable the ability to install non-market apps without having to root or make any other unsupported modifications to your phone.
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