Hello All! I'm a heavy smartphone power-user in the education industry. I hail from Nampa, Idaho.

I've been on Verizon Wireless for a long time. I honestly have been fairly happy with the customer service and call quality until more recently. When I got my Samsung Fascinate I found myself less happy with the amount of bloatware (and hence really slow software updates) on the device, which prompted me to go on over to XDA and Rootzwiki, where I ended up with a much cleaner, updated ROM which I've been very happy with.

I'm up for an upgrade in August, and, being a Samsung shill, (ahem, I mean "very enthusiastic Samsung Customer," ) have really been GAS'ing for the Galaxy Note. It's becoming more and more unlikely Verizon will carry this particular device, and our University just got on with AT&T so I can get an employee discount if I were to switch. So a couple of questions, if you don't mind:

1.) How happy are you with AT&T's Customer Service?

2.) What do you think of AT&T's Android support? Is there much bloatware on your devices? How about your updates?

3.) Any of you using 3rd party ROM's? ..and if so how's you're experience with these ROMS working with AT&T?

4.) Anybody happen to be in the Western Treasure Valley (or anywhere in SW Idaho, for that matter) that can speak to the quality of signal/service you're getting?

Sorry my first post is such a amalgamation of questions. I guess a carrier switch is kind of a big deal for me.