cases cause heat issues?

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Thread: cases cause heat issues?

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    Topic of thread should quene you in to what I am wondering. To be frank I'm also worried about.

    I do not know the brand of case but my phone is warm to the touch with its case on, warm alone but warmer with its case.

    Is this a problem alone or with the case or not at all? Do just smartphones allys or all phones run hotter with a case? Should it?

    I know over think often but I would like to learn and am out of the loop.


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    Hi cranky, nice to hear from you!

    1, If you're not using the phone, it should be at room temperature. While using the phone, warming is normal. Also while charging.

    If the phone is in a case, it cannot cool as quickly because the case acts like a winter coat on the phone.

    2, Yes, all cell phones will stay warmer in a case, because they can't dissipate the heat as well. If you can put the phone in a breeze, or in front of a fan, it cools much better.

    3, This is the place to learn about the Ally, you're among friends. Even though you tend to be cranky, pessimistic, and paranoid....we still like ya!

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    I had a problem with my phone yesterday getting a bit warm. For about an hour or so before quitting time at work, the phone seemed unusually warm. I rebooted it hoping that would stop whatever was causing the problem but it didn't help. I made sure GPS was turned off because I've noticed that can tend to continuously search for a signal since my workplace is not very friendly to cell phones . There were no unusual apps running so I'm not sure what was causing the warmth. But, within a two hour (or so) time frame from when I noticed the warmth to when I got home, I noticed by battery dropped from around 50% to around 20%. Seems like a pretty big drop to me.

    Anyway, this is the first time it has happened and hopefully it won't happen too often. Just not sure what cause the problem.

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