I hate to sound like a commercial but..... I've been pretty happy with MixZing and recently tried Tunewiki for a few minutes then uninstalled it thinking it was just too simple. I was bored then installed it again and really started digging into this app and realized despite its simple look, it is a very powerful and full featured app. once you lean to navigate it and learn what the 5 icons along the bottom actually do you will be hooked on this app. I have since uninstalled mixzing. I also uninstalled CherryRplayer since TuneWiki also does Shoutcast too. A few other features it has are: scrobble to last.fm and a last.fm player too, downloads missing album art, shows song lyrics for your local music (kind of a useless novelty but still pretty cool, you can disable this), searches for music videos on youtube for the songs you are playing, it has a bunch of social features like shows other nearby tunewiki users on a map and tells you what they are listening too, a nice home screen widget. In fact the only thing I see missing in this app is swipe gestures for next and previous tracks, you have to actually click the next and previous buttons..... Give it a go and I promise you will be hooked too.