Hey guys and girls,

I just recently got an Ally after using a non-Android Samsung Rogue for some time. The Rogue had some nice features and I was wondering if any apps existed for the Ally to emulate those features:

1. With the Rogue, you could start dialing a number (without area code even!) and it would guess from your contacts and call log what you were trying to dial. Can an app or option do that?

2. Also on the Rogue, when a call would come in the phone would talk to you, saying "Call from (contact name or number)". Is there an app or option for that?

I guess I'm just kinda confused. I figured that if I was getting a "Smartphone" then it would have all I used to have and more. I understand that these are different brands and programming and averything else, but you would figure that the manufacturers of the newer phones would try to develop the best in previous competitors' phones.

If anyone has any useful suggestions, I'd appreciate it. I don't want to get rid of my Ally...I just want to make it better.