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Thread: Data Usage Widget: "Not connected"

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    This thing popped up on the phone by itself today. No clue what it is and I'm not going to touch it to open it since I have no clue where it's from or what it does. It's pretty much a red box that says "Data Usage" on top and "Not Connected" on the bottom. Between the two is a white area that looks like it has a progress bar that's not filled in. This 'app' or icon is larger than all the other icons on my screen that I did download. This Data Usage icon doesn't show anywhere else, it's not on my downloaded programs or the menu where icons show up that were placed on the phone from LG.

    What is this thing? Is it a virus? How did I get this thing - I've only seen it pop up today. Was there a recent update and now all your phones also have this thing? How do i get rid of it?

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    It's a widget for the verizon account app that shows your data usage. If you touch the widget, it will open up the verizon account app and sign you in where you can see your current bill, usage, etc. When you close the app, that status bar will show you how much data out of the your monthly allotment you have used so far.

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    To delete the Widget, long-touch it then drag it to the trashcan.

    To add the Widget, long-touch the home screen where you want it and follow the prompts.

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    Glad to know it's nothing bad. I only have had this phone about a month. Used to regular cell phones that only make calls. So this new crazy type of phone confuses me. Thanks for the feedback. I guess I hit something and didn't realize it to get it on my main page of the phone.

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