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    Social networking is ameans of communicating with friends, family members or other people online. Youcan have a conversation with anyone living in any part of the world. Thesedays, social networking is the main obsession for youngsters, businessentrepreneurs and even aged persons. In this social networking era, almosteveryone in the world is using the most famous and popular social networkingsites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr and many more to connect withpeople living in any part of the world.

    Now, you know that most ofthe people are busy in some kind of work, it might be a job, attending classesor any other work. As these people are busy in working, they cannot afford tospare time for social networking. As they get very small amount of free time,the possibilities and chances for them to access social networking world are lessand because of this they are not able to do social networking with theirfriends, family members or other people for a good amount of time. Now, this iswhere the remarkable android app Rapidfire helps you. This app has many goodfeatures which will help you in connecting with social networking world in afast and easy way.

    Likewise, you can stay upto date on social networking sites with the help of computer or laptop. Butwhat happens if you want to do social networking from a certain place but youdon’t have any computer or laptop, you will not be able to send message to yourfriends online or you will not be able to check your profile for updates fromthat place. But if you have android with this amazing app installed then youwill be able to send messages to your friends on social networking sitesthrough your android and you will also be able to update your profile inminutes. Isn’t that great? Of course it is, this app will help you in manyways.

    Now, you know that most ofthe people are using social networking sites and you also know that Rapidfirewill help you in doing social networking but if you don’t know what you can doon social networking sites and if you don’t know any social networking websitesand if you don’t understand how will this amazing android app helps you inmaking your social networking better and easier then you should read thiscarefully.

    On social networking sitesyou will be able to connect with your friends and if you have to talk withanyone for business purpose then you can talk with your client as well as youcan upload any pictures related to your business on the social networkingsites. By using these social networking sites you will have no trouble incommunicating with others, but if you think that it is difficult for you tounderstand how to use social networking sites then you should check the newandroid app Rapidfire which will help you in sending messages or photos onsocial networking sites in an easier way.

    Some of the socialnetworking sites are becoming more and more popular these days and these aretheir names: Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Among these facebook is becomingvery more famous.

    Facebook: Facebook is becoming the largest socialnetworking sites in the world. It has over six hundred million active users.Now, if you were searching for a place to talk with your friends or family fromother part of the world then you can choose facebook because it’s popular, yourpersonal information will be secure on it and you will be able to do a lot morethings on it. So, for you facebook will be a good social networking site andyou can use Rapidfire to make social networking easier on facebook.

    Suppose, if you are astudent or a entrepreneur and if you have to go to different countries foreducation or for business purpose then there is no doubt that you will not beable to communicate with your family or your friends in a good way and by usingsocial networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace you will be able tochat with your friends or family and if you use Rapidfire to send messages orto upload photos on social networking sites then there will be no difficulty indoing social networking, with the help of Rapidfire your time will be saved andyou will be able to do a lot more on social networking sites.

    So, you must get theRapidfire for yourself and after installing it on your android you will knowhow easy and fast your social networking world will become and to get this appinstalled on your android all you need to is download this amazing app, butbefore you do you should know some of its exceptionally good features.

    Rapidfire is one of theoutstanding android apps which help you in making your social networkingexperience on android better than ever before. This app helps you in savingyour valuable and precious time in updating your profile or sending a messageon social networking sites. With this amazing app installed in your android, youdon’t even need a computer or a laptop for sending a message or updating yourprofile on sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr and etc…

    As mentioned aboveRapidfire is really a good app and you must know some of its exceptionalfeatures before you download it on your android.

    Here are some of thefeatures of Rapidfire:

    Rapidfire supports morethan ten famous or popular social networking sites like are Google Buzz,Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Wordpress, LinkedIn, Identi.ca, Foursquare, Last.fm,tumblr and many more. As these sites aresupported by Rapidfire, you will be able to connect with your friends or anyother people available on the social networking sites mentioned above throughRapidfire, with this type of feature your social networking experienceabsolutely will become better than ever.

    With the help of Rapidfireyou will be able to send messages or pictures to anyone in just one click. Youare will also able to send messages or pictures to two or more socialnetworking sites in just one click. This remarkable feature will help you whenyou need to send message to someone quickly on multiple sites in very lesstime.

    With the pro version ofRapidfire you are able to do geo-tagging and check-in. Rapidfire pro has allthe features that you might be looking for and that’s why this is one of thebest android app for social networking use.

    Till now there are twoversions of Rapidfire, one is Rapidfire 1.1 and the second is Rapdifire 1.2, thefeatures of these two versions are mentioned below:

    Rapidfire 1.1:

    This version of Rapidfiresupports only seven networks which are:

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, MySpace, Identi.ca and Last.fm.

    With the Rapidfire version1.1 you are able to upload any photos to multiple social networking websites.This feature will definitely help you in many ways. Suppose, if you are talkingabout business with a person living in the other part of the world and if youneed to upload some photos related to your business then with the help ofRapidfire you will be able to send your photos to your client in seconds. Youwill also be able to send these photos to social networking sites which arementioned above.

    Rapidfire version 1.1 alsoallows you to send more than 140 characters message to the seven socialnetworking sites which are mentioned above. Which means, with the Rapidfireversion 1.1 you will be able to upload photos to social networking sites aswell as you will be able to write messages at the same time. With the help ofRapidfire 1.1 you can also take photos in real time and you can attach them toyour message.

    So, these were thefeatures of Rapidfire 1.1.

    Rapidfire 1.2:

    Rapidfire version 1.2 is likethe Rapidfire version 1.1 but with a few more amazing features.

    The Rapidfire 1.1supported only seven social networking sites but the Rapidfire 1.2 versionsupports more 3 networks which are Wordpress, Google Buzz and tumblr, whichmeans you will be able to connect to ten social networking sites.

    You are able to upload anyphotos to the ten networks and you are also able to send messages over 140characters to any of the ten networks. You can send your message to any or allof the ten social networking sites in just one click.

    On Rapidfire 1.2geo-tagging is available but only for pro version. Check-in feature for Foursquare is alsoavailable on the Rapidfire 1.2 but this is only for pro version of Rapidfire1.2. Which means with pro version of Rapidfire 1.2 you will be able to doanything on social networking world.

    With the geo-tagging availableon Rapidfire 1.2, when ever you send a message to your friend or family member,the location will be automatically delivered with the message to the messagereceiver.

    If you are at a place thatyou don’t know and you are in a hurry and you want anyone to know where you areor if you want to know anyone to come where you are then all you need to do istype your message and geo-tag your message and after that is done you only needto send the message to the person you want and automatically your place locationwill be delivered to the person with the message you wrote.

    You can also do manythings with the help of geo tagging feature available on your Rapidfire 1.2;you can geo tag any photos that you captured at a place and after geo taggingthe photos you can send them to your friends and when they receive the imagethey will automatically know where the photograph was taken.

    Apart from these uses, geotagging will help you in many things like when ever you are in a big troubleand no one knows where you are then you can use the geo tagging feature so thatthe other people may know exactly where you are so that they might come forhelping you.

    You only get the featurelike geo tagging on Rapidfire 1.2 pro version. As this feature is extremelygood you must get the Rapidfire 1.2 pro version.

    As mentioned anotherexcellent feature is available on Rapidfire 1.2 pro version which is thecheck-in feature. You can let anyone know where you are, whenever you login tosocial networking sites which support features like physical location to theweb. The social networking site which has this feature is the social networkingsite Foursquare.

    If you have an account onFoursquare then you can let anyone of your friends know where you are. Wheneveryou check-in this social networking site your friends will know at what placeexactly you are.

    With this feature you canlet anyone know where you are and if you want to meet them at the place you arethen all you need to do is ask them to meet you and they will automaticallyknow where to find you and by this there will be no problem in finding placesand you don’t need to say repeatedly to your friends where you are.

    With the help of thisfeature you too will be able to see where you are staying or even you can checkhow many places you have visited. If you want to know a person’s place orlocation then its easy with check-in feature, you will have all the informationabout the person’s location.

    With Rapidfire 1.2 proversion you are able to check-in on Foursquare. As Rapidfire has all theseamazing features, you should give it a try by installing its free version andif you like it then you can buy the pro version of Rapidfire 1.2 for a very lowprice.

    You will find many appswhich are made for social networking but they will not be like this amazingapp. This android app has got the features mentioned above and this android appis free and has some limited features and to use all of its features you needto buy it. Well, this is not an expensive app too; the price for Rapidfire proversion 1.2 is just £0.99 pounds on the android market which is verycheap and absolutely affordable.

    You should know one more thingthat on the internet there are many liars or scammers who claim many thingsabout their app and try to steal your money but the Rapidfire is 100% genuine, thisapp will make social networking fast and easy for you. So, you should take atest drive and if it is good then you can buy it for only £0.99 pounds.

    After buying this extraordinary app youcan do social networking with ease. You can send messages and photos on socialnetworking sites. Suppose, if you are having a very urgent talk on facebook andyou need to send any live pictures to the person you are talking to then youcan easily send your live pictures with your message through Rapidfire. Asfacebook, twitter and other social networking sites are becoming more and morepopular these days and as a result most of the people are using these networks toconnect to each other online. People are talking about important things onlinethrough these networks. So, if you have to talk about business or any importantstuff online with ease then you need to get Rapidfire.

    You should try this appbecause Rapidfire will definitely help you in saving your time and it supportsfamous sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. If you don’t get this appinstalled in your android you will not be able to update your profile inminutes and also you will not be able to send messages to multiple sites injust one click.

    These days, you need tostay active and connected to the famous sites like Facebook, Twitter andMySpace, as these sites are used by many people around the world. Facebook isbecoming more and more popular these days. Millions of people are usingFacebook and many business entrepreneurs use this type of sites for talkingabout business etc… As most of the people are using Facebook or other socialnetworking sites. So, you too should use these social networking sites and ifyou think that sending messages, updating your profile or uploading photos onsocial networking sites is difficult on android then you can get yourself themost amazing android app which is Rapidfire. You can try it for free and if youlike the app then you can buy the app, and when you buy the app you will beable to access every feature of Rapidfire including geo-tagging and check-in (whichis now available for Foursquare).

    If you are still hesitantabout getting the Rapidfire installed on your android phone then you must needto know more about this app’s developers and after knowing that you might wantto get this excellent app installed on your android phone.

    The Rapidfire app wasdeveloped by PEAPPLE Ltd. This company was established in 1/12/2009. They madethis app for the people who have android phone and who use social networkingsites from android phone to connect with their family, friends or other peoplewho live far away from them. They made this android app and included someexcellent features in it like posting your messages on multiple social networksin one click, uploading your pictures in seconds, updating your profile onsocial networks in just seconds and many more so that social networking fromandroid phone may become more and more easier and faster than ever before.

    Now you know some thingabout this android app developer’s but if you still think that it will be awaste of time installing this app on your android then you are thinking wrongabout this app. This android app is genuine; you will never be able to find anyapp which is cheap and affordable and which has features like sending messagesto multiple social networking sites in just one click, uploading photos on yourprofile in just minutes and capturing live photos and attaching them with yourmessage.

    Suppose, If you have foundan android app which is like Rapidfire then it will be mostly a waste product,as you know on the internet is used by many people around the world whichincludes scammers and hackers etc…, These hackers and scammers try to trick you by claiming that their productis absolutely amazing and if you trust them then you will be in serious troubleas first of all, these scammers or hackers will take your precious and hardearned money from you and after that when you enter your personal informationor password to login on social networking sites through their product, theywill steal your information. So, you should install only the products which aregenuine and Rapidfire is one of the genuine android apps available online atvery low cost.

    So don’t waste your timein doing social networking the difficult and slow way, get Rapidfire and dosocial networking in a fast and easy way, try this android app for free bydownloading the free version of this app, by downloading the free version youwill be able to access ten websites from it and if you like this app then youcan download the pro version of this app which includes some excellent featureslike geo tagging, check-in on Foursquare and etc… and by buying pro version ofRapidfire 1.2 you will have access to all of the features of Rapidfire 1.2.

    Here are the links to theandroid market where you can download Rapidfire.

    Rapidfire free version: http://tinyurl.com/RapidFireFree

    Rapidfire pro version: http://tinyurl.com/RapidFirePro

    If you want to checkRapidfire website for more details then here is the link to the website: http://www.peapple.com/peapple/Rapidfire.html

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