First and foremost, make a backup before modifying any files on your phone. I am not responsible for you messing up your own phone. This process is pretty much fool proof.


I changed a few framework files, new battery, and changed the system font to something a little smaller and to me seems a little smoother too.


1. Flash the stock theme provided in the Velocity 0.3 thread, this will bring you back to stock in terms of looks. You need this to change the clock back to black.

NOTE: Only flash this over the default theme provided by the ROM.

2. Place my theme file into your AndroidThemes folder on your SD card.

3. Fire up MetaMorph and unzip my file. DO NOT RENAME THE ZIP FILE!

4. Apply all and it will reboot you after framework.

5. Enjoy.

This will work with the stock theme and any theme that has a black clock. If your clock is white from installing a rom then please read step 1.