What to do.... flash the velocity ROM?

This is a discussion on What to do.... flash the velocity ROM? within the LG Ally Hacking / Development forums, part of the LG Ally category; Currently on latest version ZVC, rooted with Z4root. Downloaded the ROM manager and Velocity .3, which offers apps2sd as well as speed improvements, ala the ...

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Thread: What to do.... flash the velocity ROM?

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    Currently on latest version ZVC, rooted with Z4root. Downloaded the ROM manager and Velocity .3, which offers apps2sd as well as speed improvements, ala the operating system we may never get.

    Flashed the latest clockworkmod recovery and did a backup of my current ROM.

    The question remains, do I hit the button and flash the velocity ROM? I am under the knowledge that I am going to have to restore my address book and all my applications again.

    Is it worth it?

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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    You will need to restore everything if you decide to flash Velocity, but since you made a backup copy of your current ROM via ClockWorkMod, you really have nothing to lose at this point unless your SDCard dies. You can flash Velocity to try it out and if you don't like it, simply install ClockWorkMod and restore your backup ROM. I switch between ROMs constantly as I try different things. I'ts pretty painless and simple. So I would say go for it and see if you like it. I will caution though that in order to make apps2sd to work, you will need to format your SDCard so make sure you copy the contents of the card to your PC first or you will lose the clockworkmod backup.

    As for is it worth it. If you are an app downloading junkie, then I would say it is. The apps2sd feature is a great because you have the ability to install so many more apps. Not being some one who uses a ton of apps, I was not interested in that feature so I chose to stick with the stock V8 ROM and make my own tweaks to it to increase performance and storage space. But I don't have near the space to install as many apps as you can with apps2sd. As for speed improvements, I never noticed any but I wasn't really paying much attention to that because I never had a problem with the speed my Ally ran at with the stock ROMs. But according to everyone else, their Ally's run much better with Velocity so i'd say you will probably see a small increase in speed.

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    Also. Just to put this out there, wiping your phone to flash a rom is no big deal as far as losing things goes...you can send your contacts to your sd, and apps like games ect remember you or have a sign in action to retreive your user info. I noticed a huge difference in my ally with velocity, I had it pretty drug down with things before, factory reset and a fresh rom, this baby's the bomb

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