Notification Sounds Keep Going Away

This is a discussion on Notification Sounds Keep Going Away within the LG Ally Help forums, part of the LG Ally category; Last night when I got a phone call. I noticed that my ringtone was not what I had set it to. I just have all ...

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Thread: Notification Sounds Keep Going Away

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    Last night when I got a phone call. I noticed that my ringtone was not what I had set it to. I just have all calls on the same Ringtone, it is too much trouble to assign different ringtones for different callers. So I went into the sound and display settings and under phone ringtones, all sounds were gone including the default ones that came with the Ally. The only option to select was silent. I went into RingDroid and could still see all my sounds. So I recreated a ringtone using RingDroid and this seemed to have solved the problem. I can now see all sounds in settings. Can't understand why that happened since I have not made any changes or installed any new apps in a few weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    I'm having the vanishing alert sounds issue too, but not as frequently as some. I've found that whenever I get a text during a call, the alert sounds tend to disappear for a while. I'm also having a different issue with my text notification tone... I set up a custom tone for texts that works, but now I can't change it to anything else. I tried to set one of the stock tones as my text alert, but it still plays my custom tone! it's as funny as it is frustrating! I'm considering deleting the custom tone just to see what the phone will do without it...

    So I deleted the custom tone, and (pretty much as I expected) when I got a text, the phone vibrated but played no tone. So I went to Sound & Display> Notification ringtone, and set a stock tone. Got a text, still nothing. So I went to Messaging>Settings>Select ringtone, set the stock tone there, and ~viola!~ tone plays when I get a text. Yes, I know... shame on me for not knowing that the Notification ringtone and Messaging ringtone worked independently of one another.

    In other news, I tried to reload the custom tone that I deleted and now it won't show up on the select list at all, not in the Notifications menu or the Messaging menu. I can see it in the notifications folder when I use ThinkFree; if I touch on it, it plays, but when I look at the list of available tones, I see all of the stock tones and a few other custom tones, but not this one. This thing just keeps gettin gooder and gooder...

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    Any new word on this problem? Is it because of the VZB update? I never had a problem before I went from V8 to VZB. Unmounting and removing the SD card then reinserting does fix the problem, but only temporarily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JavaSnob View Post
    You would think the Verizon employees would warn you about these known glitches, rather than let you find out the hard way.


    I've generally not found the Verizon people in my local store to be very knowledgeable. In their defense, they have a zillion phones they have to be familiar with and they rotate old phones out & new phones in regularly.

    Thanks to whomever posted about DGAlert way back early in this thread..this was the first I'd heard of it. I am trying it out now.

    I've had a mix of these issues, but quite frankly, have not documented it well enough to provide any input...I thought my lack of sound notification was being caused from another notification app, "Missed Call" and I have uninstalled it.

    I'll jump in the fray when I have something to contribute...for now, that DG Alert app is taking care of what I wanted...a repeating SMS alert.

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    I really loved my Ally until my notification sounds disappeared after 4 months. I have read every single one of the replys on this thread.. If I have to go back to the store AGAIN, they are taking it back. It just figures it has to happen this week, when I'm having surgery in 2 weeks..... I will need this phone! BTW, when I took it back to the store, they took out the battery for a minute and put it back in. It worked for 2 days.

    Today I took out the battery and downloaded the DG Alert. Let's see how long it works.

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    Hi everyone, I also was having this problem, and if you go into ringer volume, it says incoming calls and then there is a "use incoming call volume for notifications" with a check box, uncheck it and slide the bar all the way up- this worked for me- hope it does for you.

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    I have this problem with my phone regularly. I have had the Ally for around 2 months. I have no good idea for a FIX, just what has worked for me.

    When it happens for me, it have set my phone on SILENT while I am at work, so the notifications don't ring. At lunch at after my work day is done, I turn all sounds back on, but the phone doesn't ring. ????

    Only solution I have found is to turn the phone OFF and back on. For some reason, it's like it resets itself or the SD card resets or something. Then all sound work again. Annoying!

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    Yes, both my wife and I have the Ally phone. She has lost the notification tone permanatly. Even the Verizon store could not figure it out. She is on her 2nd ally in 3 weeks and mine has the same issues. We are using the standard sdcard that was isssued with the phone

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    Just downloaded & installed the latest version of the Android OS. Guess what??? I can go into settings and change notification tones in messages and email, but guess what? it will only play the default sound. Not sure how long the sounds will last with this update, but i miss my customized tones for sms & twitter notifications. I was at least able to tell if I needed to check my phone immediately or not. I've got several other issues with this update, but this is not the correct forum for them....I do however like the modifications to the sounds settings screen. Much easier to adjust the volume of different alerts. Please let me know if there is a way that I can make one tone default in the main settings screen, yet make another the tone in the sms settings screen. I would really appreciate it! Thanks....

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    I've been having this problem for a while, and I'm STILL having it after the Froyo update. Shame shame LG.

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