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Alright. I moved into my new basement apartment only to find that I have horrible service range where I live. I have to go outside to make and receive phone calls Because that's where i get 1 whole bar of service. I get 1x in my my house and I have to be by a window to get 3G. To use PDAnet I have my phone hanging out the window so that i can use the internet. haha What i want to know is will the Verizon Wireless Network extender work for me? I know that I have to have internet for it to work (which is stupid) but has anyone had experience with this thing. They are really expensive for what they are but I'm considering buying one so that I have Talk service in my house.

There's also the option of dialing *228 option 2 to updated roaming capabilities which is really just finding the nearest cell site tower to you