My phone won't charge =(

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Thread: My phone won't charge =(

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    This may be a little long winded, but I need help, and I want to give you all the details ... so please bear with me!

    I got my first Ally at the end of June ... I love it! The problem is, for about two weeks, I've had severe charging issues. When I plug it in with the wall OR the car charger, it says it's charging, but doesn't actually charge. I took it in to Verizon, where the rep said my battery was bloated, so they sent me a new one. (They tested my physical charger at the store and said it wasn't damaged or anything.) This battery lasted about a day, and then wouldn't charge. I took the phone in again, and the rep I got this time said that my phone's charging port was damaged, so they sent me a new phone. I got the new phone on Monday. By Wednesday, the charging problem reared it's ugly head again!! I took my phone in to Verizon for the 3rd time in under 2 weeks. The rep I got was very helpful, tested the charger (got good results), did some troubleshooting and came up with nothing. She consulted the technician, who said I should try uninstalling all of my third party apps to see if one of them was possibly draining the battery. I did this, put the phone back on the charger, and came up with nothing ... it charged from 2% to 9% in 2 hours and then stopped, although the red charging light was on and the battery icon said it was charging, but it just wasn't actually charging. During this process I have tried stopping every function I could (i.e. skype mobile, backup assistant, android keyboard, etc etc) and took my SD card out, just in case that might have been the problem. Tried a factory reset, and nothing. It functions perfectly otherwise, all my apps worked, rarely force closed anything and the browser ran smoothly and quickly. But this charging thing has just gotten me stumped! I'm pretty tech savvy, I geek out and do my research, so I'm really thrown for a loop here. Can anyone help me out?

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    My guess is that you have a process running that is using up just as much battery life as your charger is using to charge the battery.

    You tried a different battery and even a different phone so it might be software related. Unless you just happened to get 2 batteries and 2 phones that don't work.

    My first suggestion would have been to do a factory reset but you already did that.

    The next would be to reprogram the phone by dialing *228 and option #1. This is not the same thing as doing a factory reset.

    Then I would look at what apps you are using. Do you have Wifi, bluetooth, GPS turned off?

    And finally, have you tried another charger? I know the rep said it was okay but it might not be the right type for the Ally.
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    If you could borrow one or get Verizon to replace the charger try that. Otherwise known as the "shotgun" method, you've replaced the battery, then the phone, so logically it would be the charger.

    Follow AA's advice,...then try a different LG charger,...if it still acts-up you have a bad phone and they will replace it again. Be sure to try charging with a different OEM charger though.

    It's certainly possible for the tech to check the charger, and get a good reading. However, it could have an intermittent problem such as when it warms to operating temperature.

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    I am having the same issue...... first my charger wouldnt work and it got all trippy and i had to move the cable around, etc..... so i went to the store and bought a new charger. Now it is having the same problem as you..... charging goes up.... then it stops..... then it goes up later.... stops again..... did you ever figure out what it is..... i think its my new cable...... not the thing you plug to the wall, but the usb.... because i tried it with both and it still does the same.... but if i switch to the old stupid cable that i have to mess around with for it to work, it actually charges.... ridiculous.....

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