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Thread: Events?

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    I just got this phone not even a week ago, so I'm still getting used to it. And since it's new I'd rather not get it taken up in school so I'm trying to figure out it's quirks before I'm comfortable to leave it on during school. I have events set it my calendar and they're set to notify me a week in advance from the event. Will this make a noise when it's a week before the event? Or will an icon just show up on my screen? Is there a way I can change that setting myself? I looked around a little but I couldn't seem to find it. Help would be greatly appreciated

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    1. Open the Calendar app.

    2. Press the menu button.

    3. Touch More.

    4. Touch Settings.

    5. Touch Set Alerts & Notificaitons.

    6. Touch Status Bar Notification.

    7. Touch Select Ringtone.

    8. Touch Silent.

    9. Touch OK.
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    What I mean is that you'll soon notice that there is a setting for EVERYTHING! You'll just have to henpeck your way through the options, settings and preferences. There are also Calendar Apps that will have different settings and features, too. Then there are settings in the phone. So, yes you can get silent notifications, you can get notifications in the notification bar, you can set it to vibrate, you can even have the phone literally Whistle Dixie. It could even be set-up to be silent for particular times throughout the day. It all depends on your App and your Settings. Just remember Menu and Long-Touch are your friend. Both open menus most of the time, again, depending on the App. Sometimes they open the same menu. Sometimes different options. You'll just have to find out through experimentation.

    THEN, check here in the forums. For particular Apps or issues try a search. It is the best and first thing you should do. MANY, MANY, MANY issues have been addressed already. After that, experiment! It is the best way to find out how *you* prefer the preferences. Later, if you still need an answer, be very specific with a good explanation. Your hypothetical situation above is not as easy to answer as a real description, for example. I am confident your questions are answered here already, BTW.

    Good luck,


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