Previous to the latest update, my Ally would show the 50% bug, showing a cell standby time that exceeded 50%. Often up to and over 70%. However, this didn't seem to really mean anything because I could go two days or more without having to charge my Ally. I'm a light user of email and even lighter user of the internet. More often I use the phone to check my voice mail and make calls. So why did I buy a smartphone? I bought the phone to be able to assess the internet if the need does arise, to check my email, and the google navigator for travel. Since the update has occured, and due to overwhelming work hours & overtime, I have used the phone even less than before the update but my phone now requires or needs a "daily" charge by mid afternoon. This occurs even during days when I haven't made one call or checked the phone for messages. I did notice when I periodically check the ATK and eliminate all running processes, I find every process app that are standard on this phone to be listed in the ATK again a short while later. What gives with this? These are preloaded automatic apps I never use!!! I have only downloaded two apps. ATK and Coupons and both apps were there previous to the update w/o incurring the same problems. Again I could go two or more days without a charge previous to the last ZVB update. This is becoming very alarming since my daughter who lives several states away has some serious physical problems which might require hospitalization and she needs to be able to get ahold of me in an emergency. So if my phone goes dead by mid afternoon, I could miss an urgent call from her. I tried to go on to the LG Forum this morning to post about this problem. That forum doesn't seem to be loading on to my home computer today and for some reason, my anti-virus program reacts to it. I'm hoping someone here could give me an answer and if the update has been problematic. As I said before I have been overwhelmed with work and this is the first time I've had time to post any thing.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give me.