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    So not long ago i did a factory reset. I've had to do resets on this piece of [garbage] more times than i care to admit but atleast i've become quite good at reloading everything. Anyways after a cold start of the phone, i open up my task killer to show i have 27M of available memory and the following applications started: Voice Search, Camera, Socialite, Messaging, Corporate Calendar, Clock, One Bus Away, market, Backup assitant, visual vm, skype mobile, gmail, amazon mp3, voice dialer, gallery, email, and advanced taske killer free...

    Ive noted when my phone gets under 30M free it runs really poorly. Is there any way to keep this crap from starting with my phone? If i dident spend so much money on it i would have send it flying into the floor long ago. My phone has gotten so bad i can barely play angry birds on it anymore.

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    Only way to keep them from starting is to remove them. That's what I have done and just as an FYI, when I cold boot my phone, I start with 88mb of RAM and I never see anything below 50mb even when I play angry birds. But I don't use any of those apps so I don't lose anything by removing them. If you actually use those programs then the only thing you can do is to force close them manually using ATK (which I suggest you get rid of) or go into the manage applications menu and kill them that way.

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    Really, your phone is likely crapping out because you are misusing Task Killer. I am not going into the debate again, but in the end if you interrupt Apps this could cause them to freak out. Android is made to manage memory on its own. The system will close the least "prioritized" App when the space is needed. IMO you should let Android do its thing, and on the occasion an App is screwy or stuck, by all means end it. But you don't need a TK for that. Since Android 2.0, your phone is capable to Killing Apps.

    Before people bark about how they love and/or appreciate their task killers, I don't think they are bad for all, I think they are giving some users way too much information than they can use. They should certainly come with a disclaimer about how they and Android memory work. A savvy user knows not everything should be killed all the time. Some of the Apps you listed may start but they stop on their own too. Just like they are supposed to do!

    The memory system of the phone is designed to hop on and off Apps whenever needed, as you are expected to do with a portable device. Seriously, give it a try without a TK if you don't believe me. My phone is pretty stable and runs well, even with 18MB free in my internal memory and 27MB currently available RAM. Well really, "11MB+31MB in 11, 73MB in 7" according to Running Services. Did you find out what Running Services tells you yet? This means 11MB Free plus 31 MB in 11 Apps that can be freed as soon as I need it; 73MB are being used by 7 Apps that cannot be stopped. Now, of those Apps you listed do you know which is which? No, me either. So, let your phone do its thing and see if that helps your phone's performance. If not, you are no worse off.

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