Connecting to Vista via USB?

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Thread: Connecting to Vista via USB?

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    I have some pictures on my phone that I would like to move to my computer. I plugged the USB into my phone and my computer, but my computer isn't seeing the LG Ally. In the past, when I've plugged devices in, Vista has recognized them (like cameras and my work Blackberry) but it doesn't seem to see the Ally. How do I get the computer to recognize my Ally so I can move the pictures?

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    Did you Mount the phone? If so, you may have to uncheck Debugging.

    Settings >Applications > Development > Make sure debugging is not checked.

    Check out info on Picasa Web Albums. It is a pretty awesome use of your gallery.

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    Do you know about the "window shade" pull down that brings the Ally's SD card directory up in the Windows "my computer" directory?

    If you get so far as needing a device driver.... as when using the Ally as an Android test bed for a program you've written,,,, translate this for me:

    "Total 1~4 USB drivers are installed.

    As the usual end users expect only

    one time installation, they can suspect

    installation might go wrong.

    Thus, a notice shall be helpful to prevent

    the end users from being mislead."


    From the LG device driver page.


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