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Thread: Connecting External Antenna

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    My wife and I each have a Verizon LG Ally phone. Our home is in a poor cell area and Verizon is the best here but still poor. An external antenna could possibly help and adapters are available. However, it's not clear from available info (Ally Manual, web search, etc) where the connector is. If anyone has info it woud be greatly appreciated. - Thanks

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    I don't have personal experience, but I have read about these 'things' you put in your home that will amplify the cell signal. Perhaps they are repeaters? I'm not sure, but google around and see what you can find. I find it odd that you would want to add some sort of antennae to the phone itself.

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    It is located behind the battery cover to the left of the camera lens covered with a black circle sticker.

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    I use connector AC4650 from

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ak8s View Post
    I don't have personal experience, but I have read about these 'things' you put in your home that will amplify the cell signal. Perhaps they are repeaters? I'm not sure, but google around and see what you can find. I find it odd that you would want to add some sort of antennae to the phone itself.
    I agree with your last point. That was not desirable but was one possible avenue to follow. An online supplier (Criterion Cellular - Sales []) with Cell Antenna and signal amplifier products provides guides to help assess best solution. Addresses coverage area (Home, Home/Office, Bldg.) and available signal strength; repeaters vs. direct connect external antenna based on available signal strength.

    My preference would not include the direct connect antenna but wanted to understand solutions available as well as risks. The problem with repeaters is they work at very low levels to be effective & may require more signal than what is available. It should be noted that the LG technical folks have discouraged any approach involving direct connection of an external antenna - however, it should be pointed out that the 1st response from a tech stated they do not have any products to offer so cannot address their use. Therefore damage caused by any such use voids the warranty. However, I pointed out their LG Ally manual makes more than one reference to connection of external antenna (when available) - they claim that reference is made in context of Fed Warnings re: RF Radiation dangers.

    There are some additional paths available for repeater-type Antenna solutions using amplifiers and direct-connect amplifiers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostalota5 View Post
    It is located behind the battery cover to the left of the camera lens covered with a black circle sticker.
    Thanks. I didn't realize that was a sticker - it seemed like a hard metallic material. In their response, LG explained the connection is only for their techs to do testing. Note my response to Moderator Ak8s regarding my thoughts on this and other LG comments.

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    I am posting an addition to my original topic - connecting external antenna - also adding to comments & discussions regarding availability and performance of "repeaters" or more specifically "signal boosters". My concerns stated in my last post regarding this technology were related to the low level signal available where we live. Since my last post in January 2011 additional research led me to the website of Wilson Electronics. These folks specialize in signal boosters for cell phones. Their website has technical data and brochures available & I found their technical folks to be very receptive to questions regarding their products performance and use. They are the designers and manufacturer of the products but do not market them directly. Various on-line and retail stores (eg, Best Buy) handle them and also were very supportive in responding to questions. The first topic I addressed was how to connect to the phone externally - the tech described their UltraSlim antenna that mounts externally against the back of the phone with velcro when in use & suggested physically holding the antenna against the phone 1st to find the best location relative to the internal antenna.

    I purchased a product in their low-mid price range area and have been amazed at the results based on how poor the cell phone performance was in our home. The product I purchased is the SignalBoost 811210 - a basic kit comes standard with a power amp (with that part number), a 4" magnetic mount external antenna, an ultra-slim internal antenna (or phone-cradle antenna) and a cigarette-lighter plug. Upgrades include a 12" magnetic mount antenna instead of the 4" & a home/office accessory kit that includes an ac/12v adapter and a suction cup window mount/ground plane for the antenna). I purchased the system with the 12" antenna & home/office accessory kit. As I understand it, all of the suppliers are required to offer the Wilson Systems with a 30-day money back guarantee (details and restrictions should be verified with a seller).

    Now for the performance - In my original post I mentioned the signal was poor but never put a number on it. Using the signal strength readings found at "Settings", "About Phone", "Status", "Signal Strength" we get readings in the -107dBm(+/- 4) range. Note, if not familiar with these numbers, the lower the numeric number the higher the signal. I have found we need a numeric reading no worse than the mid to upper 90's to have a reliable phone call. Given variation in our area mid 90's would be minimum acceptable. The system directions for home/office use discuss mounting the antenna at a location outside the home. In my haste to see what the system would do, I stuck the antenna with the suction mount to the inside of the window next to our PC & hooked the inside & outside antenna and power to the SignalBoost amp. Holding the inside antenna against the back of the phone & turning on the power, the signal level almost immediately jumped from the -107dBm level noted above to -93dBm. After a few moments the signal continued to grow into the low to mid 80dBm levels. There is a marina not too far from us that has been a virtual dead zone for cell phones - made a quick trip there with the system in the car and found the system provided a very acceptable/usable signal level (although I did not have time to get quantative data). Similar testing in other weak signal areas has provided similar results.

    Please note: this is not a sales pitch for this company - just wanted folks that might have similar problems to know there are products and suppliers out there with products that can help. Taking the suggestion by Ak8s I googled around to find solutions.

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