Alright, I'm sure these have both been asked a million times. I apologize if you've already answered this a million times. I just have two things that I want to do and can't figure out and help would be greatly appreciated!

1. How do I create a new paragraph in a text? The 'enter' button sends the text. And I'd really like to know how to do it without downloading a new app for it. If there's no other option then I might just have to learn to live without it. But anyways, is there a way?

2. How do I take a ringtone from a text and make it a phone ringtone? I've tried everything I can think of and the closest I can get is "Copy to SD card" which I've done. But I can never find it again and I can't figure out how to make it a ringtone. I know how to change my default ring tone and how to set individual ones. But I can't seem to use any of the ones sent to me by my friend. Any suggestions?

Again, I'm sorry if you've already seen this question a thousand times. But the help will be greatly, greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!!