I have the Canadian version of the LG Ally. It is called the LG Shine Plus. My son cracked the touchscreen digitizer so I am in the non-enviable position of having to find a replacement touchscreen before the glass falls out and cuts him seriously, since he keeps it in his pocket or on his belt. I have looked worldwide to find info on the compatibility of models in the LG phone line. There are so many of them (one website had hundreds unbelievably to look at) and absolutely no information about which parts may be compatible to be used in other LG phones. This is extremely frustrating since it means getting it fixed overseas or throwing the phone away. Repairs are always in the $150 - $200 range for me! I am on a new three year contract with Telus and have extended warranty coverage but it doesn't cover physical damage or abuse, which I am sure this would be considered. I am literally paying thousands already under contract so I am desperately looking for a solution.

Does anyone know how I can get a replacement digitizer for my LG Shine Plus C710h? I want to keep this phone since it is so new and my son absolutely loves it. If I have the part I can have someone here install it professionally for much cheaper.

Any ideas? I am new so I hope you seasoned Ally owners can help me with my mission?