Multiple problems 3rd Ally in 6wks-READ!!!

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Thread: Multiple problems 3rd Ally in 6wks-READ!!!

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    Ok, I am on my 3rd phone (2nd replacement just 2 days ago) and 3rd one didnt last even 12hours before it flipped out and did stuff I didnt ask it to.

    I loved it at first then it did weird things... like bring up menus while I am texting that I didnt want..

    I would hit the letter "p" while texting and it would take me to the MP3 Player, WHAT???? it never needed any reason to use shortcut keys, I wasnt aware of them until it started doing its own thing, ugh.

    I would use shortcut keys I didnt try to use and it would seriously screw with me.

    It could not co from one call to the call waiting call without dropping both every single time.

    after installing any app, the main screen reverted back to factory background.

    I bought many many live backgrounds-all had to foreclose every time I tried to use them.

    It would send blank messages to random contacts, we are talking 10-20 blanks.

    It refuses , the 3rd one, to charges at all. i have gone thru 4 separate NEW cords. All wrk on other devices but will not charge on bit.

    I try to use icons on homepage.. they never work.

    When trying to put in voicemail pin, screen goes black and will not give me dial pad again. It usually takes 3-6 calls to get any of my voicemail

    I am done with this piece of crap... i have it off right now to save battery because it wont charge, tried all the correct cords nothing...

    Thr troubleshooters at verizon know me by name I have talked to sooooo many again and again. thats awful for them to remember and also awful for them to say it did what????

    I told verizon, this is the 3rd phone... 3 strikes youre out. I demanded and new phone at no cost to me. They have replaced it, I get it today-wish me luck, a Droid this time..but I did look up forums and issues online before I agreed and the reviews and problem were substantially less than the Ally. Somethings are a non-issue, like if it plays music, or if it has bluetooth, or how well the speaker phone works.. these things I do not use. i just need a decent camera, my apps and ringers to work and the ability to text without it bombarding people with 20 blanks with every 1 message I send,

    Great idea for Ally, but it doeant work. And every update i used on any of the 3 phones I received, none of the update s made anything better, f not it always made it worse.

    Sad thing is I have all these cute cases for the Ally... oh well...


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    So you created an account just to post a message bashing the phone and telling people not to buy it when most, if not all, the people who view this forum already own the phone?

    Sorry to hear about your experience with your Ally's. I personally love mine now that I have Velocity 1.0. But, I'm not sure this forum is the right place to vent and inform people not to buy the phone. You may want to check out some cellphone review websites and post there. It may be more beneficial for people trying to determine what phone to get. Just my 2 cents.

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    I would like to say Thank YOU for posting!!!! Because I have Been thinking I was going crazy with this phone over the past WEEK that I have owned it.....This thing has force closed on me several times, has completely shut down for no reason (2xs)without turning back on until I remove the battery, Lost all the data transferred from my old phone to my SD card because I had to reformat it (????) ........ Not to mention all the times I haven't been able to connect even tho I'm in a service area, switches screens mysteriously.....

    I seriously thought I was losing my mind!!!! You would think I was a neanderthal to this thing & I treat it like my Baby!!! I'm sooooo disappointed- I loved it for the first 2 days it worked awesome~ then it was like taken over by aliens or something, I don't know--------Funny, Strange?

    Now I can feel comfortable returning it for a Droid & know it wasn't anything I did........Again----THANK YOU!!!!!

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    that's why I rooted
    Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX - Droid X2

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