Myxer Ringtone Troubles

This is a discussion on Myxer Ringtone Troubles within the LG Ally Tutorials & FAQ's forums, part of the LG Ally category; Myxer Ringtone Troubles Background Information: I got my new LG Ally phone today and I love it! Just recently my Motarola Hint was stolen so ...

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Thread: Myxer Ringtone Troubles

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    Myxer Ringtone Troubles

    Background Information:

    I got my new LG Ally phone today and I love it! Just recently my Motarola Hint was stolen so I had to get a new phone. I am pleased with my purchase. Just tonight I started playing around with custom ringtones. On my older phone I would got to, upload a song, customize a ringtone, and than send the download link to my phone via text message. I would then download the ringtone and bam it would be in my ringtones list for me to choose for each contact or just by default.


    Well with the Ally it seems to do the same thing. Though I have no idea how to use the folders on this phone. Anyways I go to customize my default ringtone and there my ringtone is. I click it but no preview. So I just think it is because my phone's volume is down. I turned the volume all the way up. Still no luck. Okay so I just set it as my default ringtone and than had my boyfriend call my phone. Still no ring. So I thought maybe it is a bad file so I downloaded it again. Same thing. Now I have two defective files on my phone. I don't know if they are defective but because they are not working I would like to think so. I researched on google how to delete files off of my phone and all said connect phone to computer and edit the card on there. Well I did that and I looked through all the folders listed. I will provide a screen shot. And my ringtones are not listed anywhere.

    Question Time:

    How do I get Myxer Ringtones to work on my Ally?

    How do I delete those defective files from my Ally?

    What is the Android folder and the other folders? I know the media folder is self explanatory but the others are not so much. The Android file has some weird files in it with goofy names. lol

    Please help me. I have tried to make this a painless as possible. I have googled this subject for a good two hours now and I am at the point of giving up. And when I did come across topics about this same problem NO ONE replied to them. If you don't believe me just google it.

    Anyways if you reply and tell me this has already been answered PLEASE GIVE ME A LINK! I have no idea who these people are on this website so stuff like "AA has already answered this" does not help me. I read those comments in other support threads. SO yeah. lol Thanks guys for all the help in advance!


    Hahaha Now you guys will be mad because I posted this in the wrong area. Haha! SORRY!
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    This thread will help you understand the folder structure on the SD for media playback. Post # 1 has the list.


    For managing files on the card, go to the Market and search for a "File Manager" or "File Explorer". I personally prefer "Dual File Manager".

    Also check out an app called "RingDroid" for managing ringtones.

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    ROFL "AA has already answered this."

    You can read my posting in Tutorials and FAQ's for how to organize photos and music:

    However, Secondskin solved the Myxer issue in this thread:

    "For those of you who downloaded ringtones from, when you download the ringtone, do not send it to your phone. Instead, save the ringtone as a MIDI file on your computer, mount your SD card, and move it manually to your phone. And the ringtone works. I don't know how or why, but it does."

    Motorola Droid 4

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    There's your links LadyLuck,...members here are great, huh.

    And if it makes ya feel better,....I have no idea who these people are either, just members like you that help out where they can.

    By the way,...quick topic title adjustment and we'll leave it right here.... And now you can say....AA just answered that~! Thanks also to marioval.

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