Battery Life & Cell Standby, possible fix

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Thread: Battery Life & Cell Standby, possible fix

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    This is an issue on my Ally. Went back to the Verizon store yesterday after having mine for less than a week. Told the rep what was going on with Cell Standby running 70-80 and Time w/o signal 97-100%. She just replaced it on the spot, no questions asked so at least here they sure seemed to know something they are not admiting to. Didn't change anything though, the new Ally is just as bad as the other one. My Stepdaughter has the Ally too and she doe not have this issue nor does my 2 stepsons, both have the HTC Eris and we're all running 2.1. My Ally will be down to 60% after only 4hrs with very little usage.

    I'm not convinced yet this is strictly a "software" issue as we can lay all 4 of these phones down side by side on the table and both Ally's vary between 0-1 bar of signal and the Eris's will have 2-3 bars. While this clearly isn't scientific it does lead me to believe the Ally suffers from poor signal reception (at least compared to the older Eris's).

    So now I wonder, ok so I have the "bug" in my Ally but how much of my "Time w/o Signal" is truly without signal since the Ally clearly has poor reception?? I've tried the 4636 fix and the APM fix, neither one does anything for me. I guess I'll just have to live with it and hope 2.2 fixes the "bug" although if we're are dealing with a hardware antennae issue, no software update is going to fix that.

    Would that be software, hardware or both??? Bad reception or just bad "perceived" reception because of the bug (i.e an inaccurate signal strength gauge)??

    Sigh, so many questions and so few answers lol..

    oh, off topic for this thread but has anyone been able to sucessfully install the USB drivers from LG? The file LG gave me and the file I've found in my research, neither one are the "correct" usb drivers, at least according to Vista lol..

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    Bittersweet posting MM, but I liked it!

    This isn't exactly what you were asking, but you might find this topic by AA helpful,...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TGO View Post
    Verizon just called and said I need to buy a good cell repeater... I see where this is going :{

    I bought the "Network Extender" for my girlfriend. She lives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and for her the Verizon signal is crappy as all get out. The network Extender cost a bunch, but it was a one-time fee, as she already pays for internet service.

    All it does is create a localized cell signal, then sends that signal through a VOIP Protocol to the actual network, but she now has no problems at all calling people in her house.
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    If I am in my house my time without signal is always close to if not right on 100% which makes no sense seeing that there are 3 cell towers within 2-3 I can look out the window and see most of the tower. I notice that my bars go up and down a lot also...with the phone in the same spot it'll jump from none to four and everywhere in between. Aside from that I love it, had it since June and I still find new things I can do on it...

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    The link is gone? Wonder why? I think it's a problem they won't phone has 82% without signal and it always has three bars at home.

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    This guy has an interesting hypothosis about the supposed bug. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ak8s View Post
    This guy has an interesting hypothosis about the supposed bug. Have a look and let me know what you think.


    I agree with the post on that forum. I have posted on here a couple of times that I don't trust the number displayed by the time without a signal is accurate. I get the same or better battery life when my TWS is 80% as compared to when my TWS is 10%. I was hoping the bug would be fixed by 2.2 but sadly it still seems to be present.

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