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Thread: To peel or not to peel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qasar View Post
    UGH! My phone was dropped by someone who I should not have asked to take a picture. My screen is shattered but my phone remains functional. It was the depth and the angle that shattered the glass. I am still loyal to Gorilla Glass. I feel like the casing shifted on impact as opposed to the glass outright braking.

    damn that sucks Q, so sorry

    I do have my phone encased in that bright pink soft rubber body guard thing after a few weeks I got my phone merely because I have a history of dropping them and yes, I have dropped the phone several times over concrete and rocks and I honestly believe the rubber absorbed the shock which is how my phone has come away w/o a mark each time. They sell them in diff colors now (black, blue, deep red, purple etc) I highly recommend them. It is 2 pieces so it works perfectly for the slider KB and offers exceptional phone grip. I leave the bottom one off at home for the dock and just slide the kb up when it is docked. When I am ready to go out I grab the bottom and slip it on easily before I step out the door. I have seen some of the reviews on them and really do not know how rougly people handle them that they have broken on them. I have the orig from last June and aside from a little smoothness on the edges from wear&tear, are still perfect. They snap on easily with little force and to remove them just takes a gentle touch at one corner. I have been so confident about the case, I have passed the phone to toddlers and teenagers countless times to play games on and not worried about it once.

    You can see it on my blog:


    I think I paid about $8-$13 for mine at a Verizon store and I see the prices have dropped quite a bit since then on amazon & ebay. I wonder if they are cheaply made ripoffs now hence the reviews of poor quality and prices of $0.97 as one reviewer wrote on this black one:

    Verizon offers a Body Glove version that includes a clip-on for $30 if you are concerned about quality


    Found a site just now that has a better guarantee than those on amazon and a sale atm with free shipping (I went ahead and ordered a black one 2 min ago - wanted to keep a spare for my purse anyway and this way I can let you guys know my experience with them)


    So far, I liked the purchasing experience. 48% off with free shipping and they accept paypal and if you like them on FB you get an additional 10% off your next order.

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    I had no idea there was even a protective screen on this phone. I peeled mine off and now the screen is much more responsive to my touch. Glad to know this!

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    It is amazing how much difference that thin sheet of plastic, expertly installed, makes in controlling the touch screen, isn't it?

    I haven't contributed to this thread in a while, but I wanted to add two comments, one completely off-point. I'll save that one for last.

    First, WADR to Ally Android, I hope all of our allys came with Gorilla Glass, since I'm now on a refurb and have no idea of original manufacture date. One thing I know is that LG specs say "tempered glass," so whatever they use, it's going to be relatively hard to scratch.

    And second, speaking of protection, how about protection taken to the extreme? Two of my friends have Otter Boxes for their iphones, and my gosh are those things UGLY. Sorry, Otter Box fans out there, but they should ship with free pocket protectors, and maybe even corduroy pants. ;-) The iphone theory: I paid so much for my phone that I have to pay more for a butt-ugly shell that doubles the thickness of the phone? I don't think so!

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