Here's the scoop... I returned the extended battery to Verizon for a full refund because of the following reasons: 1... battery drained faster then the standard 1500 wah battery the phone came with. Although the battery is larger and has more power, it drained really quickly. Yes the phone did last me all day (10 hours of non-stop use) but the huge downside was having to charge my phone 4-5 hours when I got home. Again, bigger battery means longer charging process. I cycled my new battery about 5 times and that took even longer to charge. Upward of 6 hours or so. I don't know anyone with that kind of time to spare for a cell to charge. (Unless you don't work or have a life)

2.... my other issue was the lack of accessories made to protect the device itself once you attached the extended battery. I dropped my phone one time and it malfunctioning. Over all... I don't feel the extended battery is worth it. Just my opinion.... please don't shoot the messenger.once you properly cycle the original battery on the Ally I believe it will be more then enough battery life for most users. FYI: if you watch a lot of videos on your device or surf the web a lot, no battery will be good enough to make the phone last all day. Such is the nature of Android.