stop skype and talk from running

This is a discussion on stop skype and talk from running within the LG Ally forums, part of the LG Android Phones category; Originally Posted by Dolfan0925 On my task killer, it says at the top "available memory 29M". I kill the crap apps, and "available memory 69M". ...

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Thread: stop skype and talk from running

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolfan0925 View Post
    On my task killer, it says at the top "available memory 29M". I kill the crap apps, and "available memory 69M". You can't tell me that's not a difference.

    Android doesn't use memory the way RAM is used on PCs, though. This is a must-read for all Android users.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @jeb_hoge View Post
    Android doesn't use memory the way RAM is used on PCs, though. This is a must-read for all Android users.

    That seems to be the same article that most anti-ATK users always point to but it is just one opinion. RAM is RAM regardless of what type of OS is being used and applications need RAM to run. It does not matter if you let Android or an ATK kill an application the results are the same.
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    I've said it before and i'll say it again. On a linux based system free memory is wasted memory!! Just let the OS do its thing and I promise your device will run optimally. Don't bother with task killers.

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    And I will say it again. It doesn't really matter if you use one or not. The results are the same.

    It is a personal preference and if some people feel better using one.
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    So free memory is wasted memory. Ok. So what happens when I'm at 29M of free memory, if I open more programs and need more than 29M of memory?

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    I found that this article had some good info about how processes/programs are handled by Android. I decided to drop the use of a task killer because in my experience with my Ally I saw no discernable difference in battery life when using a task killer app as when I uninstalled any task killer apps. I think it is more a person choice/piece of mind issue if you want to use a task killer and people have every right to use thier phone however they like but imho a task killer is not a must use app on a android phone.

    quoted from the article:

    A common misunderstanding about Android multitasking is the difference between a

    process and an application. In Android these are not tightly coupled entities:

    applications may seem present to the user without an actual process currently

    running the app; multiple applications may share processes, or one application

    may make use of multiple processes depending on its needs; the process(es) of an

    application may be kept around by Android even when that application is not

    actively doing something.

    Once Android determines that it needs to remove a process, it does this

    brutally, simply force-killing it. The kernel can then immediately reclaim all

    resources needed by the process, without relying on that application being well

    written and responsive to a polite request to exit. Allowing the kernel to

    immediately reclaim application resources makes it a lot easier to avoid serious

    out of memory situations.

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    So, Google Maps needs Skype's process running to do something? Because I've never used Skype on my phone or any other method, and yet my task killer says it's running, and if I go to settings->applications->running services it says it's running. Memory aside, I would imagine if every freaking app on the phone is all running at once my battery would likely die faster than if only 3 apps were running....

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    It's not really "Running" in the sense that it is using the CPU. It is "Running" in the sense that it is available to respond when someone calls. Similar to the Search, Voice Search and Keyboard features. Could you imagine the frustration if you were to start an app in order to type, especially given all the places where you can type? This is an example of a process versus an active App. I hate that Skype is there too but just ignore it. IMO App Killer(s) is giving you more information that you need. Skype should be removable, but partnering contracts dictate otherwise. Hopefully, one day it will be removable without rooting. Skype is a process and even if App Killer was to Kill "Skype" it will just restart. Constantly interrupting such processes that are just going to restart can make the system less stable.

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    The following is information from Google's Android Developers website about Running Services:

    Background on services

    Before going into the details of 2.0, it may be useful to go over a quick summary of services. The Service API in Android is one of the key mechanisms for applications to do work in the background. Due to the way Android is designed, once an application is no longer visible to the user it is generally considered expendable and a candidate to be killed by the system if it ever needs memory elsewhere. The main way applications get around this is by starting a Service component, which explicitly tells the system that they are doing some valuable work and would prefer that the system not kill their process if it doesn't truly need to.

    This is a very powerful facility but along with that power comes some responsibility: an actively running service is taking resources away from other things that can run (including inactive processes in the background that don't need to be initialized the next time the user visits them). It is thus important that developers take care when designing their services that they only run when truly needed and avoid any bugs where they may accidentally leave the service running for long durations.

    .... and ...

    New "running services" user interface

    Our final issue to address is the case where there are simply too many service running in the amount of memory available on a device. This may be due to bugs or design flaws in installed applications, or the user simply trying to do too much. Historically users have had no visibility into what is going on at this level in the system, but it has become important to expose this, at least for lower-end devices, as the use of services has had an increasing impact on the user experience.

    ... and ...

    For most users, this new user interface should be a much more effective way to manage the background applications on their device than the existing "task killer" applications. In the vast majority of cases the reason for a slow running device is too many services trying to run. This prevents the system from being able to run any background processes (which speed up app switching), and ultimately can result in thrashing through the services when not even they can all be kept running. The Running Services UI is intended to provide very specific information about the services that are running, to help make a good decision about what should be stopped. It also does not use the API to force stop an application, which can unintentionally break applications in numerous ways.

    The way I read this is:

    1. A Running Service is an applications way of saying "Hey Android, I am doing something please don't kill me."

    2. Google's developers acknowledge that the reason most devices run slow is because there are too many services trying to run which prevents the system from being able to run efficiently.

    3. Running Services is nothing more than a manual Task Killer.

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