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This is a discussion on The Red Headed Step Child within the LG Ally forums, part of the LG Android Phones category; I don't regret buying it. I got what I wanted and a lot more. However, I don't like being promised something and then not receiving ...

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Thread: The Red Headed Step Child

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    I don't regret buying it. I got what I wanted and a lot more.

    However, I don't like being promised something and then not receiving it. Nor do I care for the lack of concern they have shown over the issues with the last upgrade. If it was a minor bug, I would understand but to have apps stop working after a reboot is not minor.

    I doubt if I will ever buy another LG phone again.
    Motorola Droid 4

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    Hi everyone...been AWOL for a few weeks, but I am back.

    In general, still liking the Ally, and learning about which apps suck battery life and which ones don't. I still have the problem of my paid app (Navionics, which is a great nautical chart plotter for only [s]$10 ([/s] just noticed it is up to $14) not working on a reboot & requires a re-install. This works fine until I reboot again.

    Before I " factory reset", I am interested to know exactly what happens. I used Astro to back up most of the free apps I like (& picture gallery) to SD card, just to save myself from the hassle of searching for them again in the market.

    I guess I am asking at what point when you factory reset does the phone come back to life at? Do I have to re-program my number and all that [s]*226[/s] *228 (or whatever it is) BS into the phone?

    Any 'gotchas' I need to worry about?

    edit - Thanks Qasar I fixed it.

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    A factory reset will reset your phone to "out of box." You will be prompted to activate again but you can bypass this. I know it sounds odd but I tried it and it is true! When the android icon comes up and prompts you to touch the Android to begin, touch the corners from top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left to bypass the re-activation. I actually reset just to check this out. The phone worked just as before when I did this.

    BTW, the number is *228 and it is recommended you dial it every few months to update your roaming capabilities, like if your receipt of texts is lagging, for example.

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