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Thread: Your First Opinions on FroYo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolfan0925 View Post
    Ya gonna have to call bs there. Some things I just chalk up to "It was said by a random person on the internet..."
    I know this isnt quite 40 hours but my phone is froze and I am gonna hafta reset so I figured I would take the shots beforehand...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicolett80 View Post
    I do not get the extended warrenties either. I don't pay anything extra, but I still always get 1 year with a new phone.

    The basic one year warranty is the manufacturer warranty and it is standard with almost every phone regardless of manufacturer. It covers any basic issues with the hardware of the phone only. It does not cover damage caused by the customer like dropping the phone in the toilet.

    Depending on the cost of the extended warranty, in most cases, they are a waste of money. If you are going to pay for the extended warranty, you might as well look into buying insurance instead. At least insurance will cover any damage to the phone and not just hardware damage. But then again, with insurance, there is a deductable.

    I do not get either the extended warrenty or the insurance. It is cheaper for me in the long run to just get a new phone every year.
    Motorola Droid 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cor_en_fa View Post
    My biggest irritation with the update so far is silly. I have notification ringtones assigned to my text messaging, google chat, and google calendar in each app's respective settings. I also have a default ringtone set in the Ally's general phone settings. It will only use the default ringtone and not the ones that I assigned to the apps. It worked before the update, but now, I just get the one default notification ringtone. If I set it to no default ringtone, then I get no ringtones at all for notifications. Grr.

    Call it silly if you like, but it matters quite a bit to me too. I liked being able to distinguish emails from texts via the tone. Let me also amen the battery life issue. My phone is dying faster than a speeding bullet these days. Beyond moving apps to the SD card, I'm not sure how I feel about this update yet...

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    What do you mean install a library? Can you be more specific about what to do? I want to be able to use my bluetooth w my ally while driving and can't without turning on phone, looking for contact and dialing etc.

    What am I missing? I have a plantronics earpiece and would like to be able to push the button and give voice commands - is this possible?

    • If you are going to use Bluetooth voice dial you will need to install a library (Voice input & Output / Text-to speech settings / Install voice data). The dialog will display a message about this when you try to use your bluetooth's action button

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    I frequently get 40+ hours on a battery charge. It all depends on how you use the phone. I keep all radios turned off unless I use them.

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    @Lee - I find it extremely aggravating, but silly compared to performance issues. I really wish it would go back to letting me customize it. I'm considering a factory reset.

    @AA- I hope the navigation trick works for you. Mine is still working today.

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    I think I'm reaching the end of my rope. Waiting ten seconds (sometimes 20) for my apps to show back up on my home screens after closing an app has gone beyond frustrating. I'm seriously thinking of scrapping the Ally and paying full price for a new phone.

    It's that maddening....

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    Glock, did you do a factory reset after the update? I had the same problem when I used Zeam launcher. Do you use the factory launcher?

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    Quote Originally Posted by loveally View Post
    I see....that is annoying. I actually downloaded a widget from the market several months ago called "silent toggle widget" which lets you choose vibrate, silent or ring. It's a small widget, so I just have it on my home screen. I tried it just now after I received the 2.2 update & it still works. You might look into that. It might solve your problem.

    I had the same problem. I did the following: Settings -> Sound -> Vibrate -> Never. Now no vibrate, just silent only. Yay!

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    Well i was so exited when my phone lit up and said new update available my wife looked at me like i was stupid because i was grinning so big, no joke. before the update it was running perfect, no bogging down, just rearranged all apps and screens, had it set up perfect. After the update it was running slow, so i cleared some cache's moved some apps to sd card and uninstalled some i dont use, all of a sudden all my home screens were cleared and it looked like i just took it out of the box, irked me, but no biggie.. Since the phone was still going slow I did a master reset and it works fast now, better than ever, but it never recovered the apps from my sd card and i have to download everything i had again. A few things I like, like the new backround colors for messaging and phone menu, the rotation of screen is cool too, as well as the ove to sd card option for some apps. However you cant drag widgets from screen to screen anymore, the screen will not stay on when its charging and there is no option to make it stay on, and even if you have the clock showing it dims out to just the time floating around. Also ive seen a few others mentioning that the led light doesnt change colors now for notifications, not sure about that one yet. Notification sounds are all the same as well. I'm sure once i get everything back to the way i had it ill get used to it..

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